Shunt Surgery Day – December 2, 2020

Today was a new day. We were pretty terrified that Sloane wouldn’t be strong enough to handle the cardiac shunt procedure today but we were so wrong. After they rolled me into the OR and began the ultra sound to determine shunt placement they immediately noted that there was significantly less fluid around her heartContinue reading “Shunt Surgery Day – December 2, 2020”

An Even Harder Day – December 1, 2020

Today seemed to be an even harder day than yesterday. The good news was that the fluid they drained yesterday had seemed to have only started to come back slightly which was amazing. The bad news – fluid has started building up in her abdomen, skin, and skull which is a sign of Hydrops whichContinue reading “An Even Harder Day – December 1, 2020”

A Scary Day – November 30th, 2020

Today will probably go down as one of the scariest for us. We headed back to Cincinnati this morning for our weekly appointment and found that the fluid around Sloane’s heart had increased since last week and spread to her abdomen as well which meant there was no choice but to try and drain theContinue reading “A Scary Day – November 30th, 2020”