Christmas Blessings

What a blessed Christmas Eve it is! Kevin and I both talked on the way to Cincinnati this morning that we felt like we were on the cusp of a turning point in our story. Silly enough it started with the bridge finally being back open which made our trip so much easier and less stressful this morning.

I was pretty nervous as we sat in the waiting room, laid there through the ultrasound and then waited for the doctor’s report. I nearly jumped off the table when she came in and said that Sloane continued to look stable today! The fact that she hadn’t grown any sicker over the course of the last week is such amazing news. Even the doctor was so excited as she realized that we are just two days from 28 weeks now.

We know that Sloane still has a long road ahead but we are just so thankful for any good news right now. This was a true Christmas blessing.

I’ve thought much about Mary and the story of Jesus’ birth over the last few days. My understanding of the story and what her feelings must have been has certainly changed as we’ve walked this road with Sloane. The blessing and burden she must have felt simultaneously would have crushed even the strongest spirit, yet God walked the road with her and constantly reminded her to not be afraid for he was with her. I pray to have her strength often.

Kevin and I are excited to spend Christmas Day with the kids tomorrow and do some “normal things”. We pray that your family also experiences the blessings of Christmas that can’t be found in a store.

We continue to covet your prayers in the coming days before another long days of appointments on Monday. Please pray for:

Sloane to continue to remain stable
Gods will to be done in Sloane’s life
Peace and comfort for us, the kids, and our sweet Sloane
Continued miracles and for Sloane to experience Godly healing

Merrry Christmas to all those that have walked this road with us. We are so thankful.

Published by Brooke Powers

I am a 7th grade teacher with 9 years experience and 3 years experience implementing the Common Core. I want to help teachers new to the profession and new to the Common Core be as successful as possible while growing professionally myself!

One thought on “Christmas Blessings

  1. Loved the verse from Luke 2 you quotes Brooke!”Fear not, for behold I bring you good news of great joy!!” That’s exactly how I felt when Ellen let me know your news of Sloane’s stability. So many people I know were so excited to hear that news. We will continue to pray the requests you’ve asked for. What an honor it is to pray for you, Kevin, sweet Sloane and your other children.
    May you feel Gods presence and peace today and in The days ahead.


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