Hard Days

Today was a pretty hard day for Baby Sloane, Kevin and me.

We started our morning with an ultrasound that showed the fluid was back in Sloane’s abdomen and skin and was still around her skull. This is a sign that her little body is sick and distressed and caused great concern.

Our Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor was also concerned that the tumor, which had grown slightly was starting to compress the right side of her heart and advised us that after the Fetal Echo we may have to move forward with open fetal surgery. It was a devastating appointment.

Cardiology however, felt that her cardiac output and function was still stable and that although the continued build up of fluid was concerning that we should not proceed with surgery yet.

Before returning home we met with lead surgeon and he also felt that although the fluid is an issue we were not yet at the tipping point where the risk of waiting was greater than the risk of surgery to Sloane or myself. We go back Thursday to check and see how she’s doing and will now go to Cincinnati twice each week to monitor Sloane’s condition.

We are sad and scared about the many possible outcomes but doing our best to remain hopeful. If you could pray hard over the coming days for:

The fluid to dissipate from Sloane’s abdomen, skin, and skull
Her cardiac function to continue to remain strong
The tumor to not grow or compress her heart any further
Wisdom for our team of doctors to determine when the benefits will outweigh the risk of the surgery for both Sloane and myself
Hope and comfort for Kevin and me as we navigate the days ahead

Thank you all for continuing to keep us in your thoughts.

Published by Brooke Powers

I am a 7th grade teacher with 9 years experience and 3 years experience implementing the Common Core. I want to help teachers new to the profession and new to the Common Core be as successful as possible while growing professionally myself!

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