The Best of Times, The Worst of Times – December 3, 2020

Today was a mix of emotions. We are thankful to be headed home for a few days – we are excited to see the kids, the dogs, and sleep in our own bed.

Sloane looked good today all things considered. We expected to see a reduction in cardiac fluid today but were told it would probably be too soon to see much improvement in the other Hydrops. She surprised us though and it looked like the fluid in her abdomen was resolved as well as much of the fluid under her skin. She does have a bit still hanging out around her skull but again we were told that would take a few days to resolve.

The bad news is she’s already pulled the shunt out. We know the shunt was working because she looked so much better today and are bummed that it didn’t have longer to work.

We will go back to Cincinnati on Monday to check her fluid and have another fetal echo to see how she’s doing. We pray that the fluid continues to be manageable so we don’t have to immediately place another shunt. If the fluid has returned on Monday we will have another surgery on Tuesday to place another shunt – we are hoping this isn’t the case though. If Sloane could just keep fighting off this fluid on her own and we could wait a bit longer to place another that would be wonderful news.

If you could remember us in your prayers until Monday it would be much appreciated.

We really need:

  • Sloane’s Hydrops to continue to resolve
  • No further fluid build-up so we can wait to replace the shunt
  • No tumor growth

We are more thankful for the prayers than you probably know.

Published by Brooke Powers

I am a 7th grade teacher with 9 years experience and 3 years experience implementing the Common Core. I want to help teachers new to the profession and new to the Common Core be as successful as possible while growing professionally myself!

2 thoughts on “The Best of Times, The Worst of Times – December 3, 2020

  1. Brooke, our family has been praying for you both as well as Sloane. Our Sunday school class that’s meets by zoom each Sunday morning is also praying for you. Please know it is an honor. Ellen and I taught together at Anne Mason and Ellen taught 2 of our daughters. Anna, our youngest, is a friend of Kevin’s.
    We will continue praying for your sweet baby girl. I appreciate this blog so we can specifically pray for each need. Kathy Fraley


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