A Scary Day – November 30th, 2020

Today will probably go down as one of the scariest for us.

We headed back to Cincinnati this morning for our weekly appointment and found that the fluid around Sloane’s heart had increased since last week and spread to her abdomen as well which meant there was no choice but to try and drain the fluid. The doctor made it clear before we started that they couldn’t predict how she would handle this procedure or if her heart would be able to survive it. We were heartbroken and scared, to say the least.

The doctor prayed over Sloane before she started which was pretty amazing to begin with and crazy enough while she was praying Sloane rolled over to a much better position that allowed the doctor to get a better shot at draining the fluid. I am fairly certain time stood still while we watched the procedure on the screen and hoped she would make it through. We were only able to drain a little more than half of it before she rolled back to a position that made it too difficult to keep going – but I am taking that as her way of telling us that was all she could handle for today.

Kev and I are now in Cincinnati for a few more days to monitor the fluid and see how much of it returns in 24 hours. If the fluid returns as expected we will have a more difficult procedure on Wednesday to try and keep the fluid away from her heart and other organs.

We are so thankful for the hundreds of folks that continue to pray for our sweet girl. If you could keep praying for:

  • The fluid to remain away from her heart and other organs
  • Her heart to continue to handle both the tumor and these procedures
  • The tumor to continue to stay the same size and not grow
  • For Sloane to keep growing and fighting until we can safely get her here

We have so much gratitude for your prayers in addition to the many people in our life that are helping with Jackson and Embry, the house, and the dogs as we navigate being away from home.

Published by Brooke Powers

I am a 7th grade teacher with 9 years experience and 3 years experience implementing the Common Core. I want to help teachers new to the profession and new to the Common Core be as successful as possible while growing professionally myself!

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